A GRASP algorithm with Path Relinking for the University Courses Timetabling Problem

Edmar Hell Kampke, Walace de Souza Rocha, Maria Claudia Silva Boeres, Maria Cristina Rangel


The timetabling problem is of great interest in the combinatorial optimization field. Given a set of disciplines, students, teachers and classrooms, the problem lies in allocating lectures in a limited number of timeslots and rooms respecting a set of constraints. In this paper, we propose a GRASP algorithm for the university timetabling formulated at ITC-2007. Hill Climbing and Simulated Annealing techniques are used as GRASP local search procedures and path relinking is implemented to improve its basic version. Computational tests were carried out, simulating the ITC-2007 competition rules and the results obtained are competitive.


University Courses Timetabling, GRASP, Simulated Annealing, Path Relinking

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5540/03.2015.003.02.0108


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