Three-dimensional resistive magnetohydrodynamics simulations during high-intensity, long-duration, continuous auroral electrojet activity events and a quiet period: First results

Maibys Sierra Lorenzo, Angela León Mecı́as, Margarete Oliveira Domingues, Odim Mendes, Ezequiel Echer, Varlei Menconi, Paulo Jauer


Contributing to the Space Electrodynamics investigations, this work evaluates three kinds of initializations for a resistive three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics model from the University of Nagoya. One simulation experiment is carried out considering a quiet period, other considering a typical High-Intensity, Long-Duration, Continuous AE activity (HILDCAA) event, and the last one an interplanetary magnetic field Bz, changing according to an idealized event. The data sets for the experiments are created using both smoothed one-minute interplanetary magnetic field components and solar wind plasma parameters extracted from the NASA/GSFC’s OMNI data set. As result, reproduction of the earlier work was obtained. Some initial aspects of the simulation has been tested with good performance. New tests and some modifications are being considered in order to improve the code. 


magnetohydrodynamics, HILDCAA, resistive model

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