Hierarchical Models of Tumor Growth

Anna Claudia Resende, Regina Almeida, Ernesto Lima


We propose in this work a simple framework to build a hierarchical family of tumor growth models by selecting a subset of the most important parameters of our base model with respect to the evolution of the tumor volume. The importance of each parameter is identified through a model-free sensitivity analysis technique, the elementary effects (EE), due to its simplicity and low computational cost. This model framework encompasses the essential hypotheses and the limited set of important parameters acquired from the sensitivity analysis. In this way, we are able to create a family of models described by at least the same essential conditions and parameters but with different complexities regarding the number of parameters used. Numerical experiments are conducted to show the reasoning behind the hierarchical developed family of tumor growth modes. The modeling framework in this manner provides a powerful way for studying a model itself or either its simplification or extension. The framework can also be tailored to form the basis for future models, incorporating new processes and phenomena.


Tumor Growth, Sensitivity Analysis, Elementary Effects.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5540/03.2017.005.01.0063


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