Computer Deterministic Modelling of Nuclear Problems using Nodal Methods

Amaury Muñoz Oliva, Hermes Alves Filho, Davi José Martins e Silva, Carlos Rafael Garcı́a Hernández


In this paper we propose a numerical nodal methodology for the development of a method of spectral nodal class [1, 2] which is tested as an initial study of the solutions (spectral analysis) of neutron transport equations in the formulation of discrete ordinates (SN ), in one-dimensional geometry, two energy groups, isotropic scattering and considering heterogeneous domains. These results are compared with the traditional fine mesh method DD and the spectral nodal method SGF [1].The solution algorithms problems will be implemented in a computer simulator made in MatLab language, the same that was used to generate the results of the reference work.


Neutrons Transport Theory, Discrete Ordinates, Computational Modelling.

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