Radiative Properties Estimation and Construction of Confidence Regions with a Combination of the Differential Evolution Algorithm and the Likelihood Method.

Diego C. Knupp, João Vı́tor M. Canato, Antônio J. Silva Neto, Francisco J. C. P. Soeiro


This work is aimed at the combination of the Differential Evolution algorithm
and the likelihood method for the estimation of radiative properties and construction of confidence regions of the parameters estimates. Two cases with different levels of measurement error are employed, and the results indicate that the approach is adequate for the construction of confidence regions in the radiative transfer inverse problem considered. The results also demonstrate that with increasing measurement errors the traditionally employed elliptical confidence region might lead to poor approximations in this problem.


Inverse problems; Radiative transfer; Confidence regions; Likelihood method.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5540/03.2017.005.01.0486


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