Propagation Dynamics of an epidemic of Flaviviridae arbovirus in Complex Networks of Human Beings and Aedes aegypti

Edney da Silva Souza, Vinícius Antonio Battagello


In this work, we propose a new epidemics diffusion model to evaluate the migration behavior of dengue in the populations of its hosts and transmitters (man and mosquitos Aedes) to facilitate the search for combat actions to this disease. As a result, an algorithm that takes into account local characteristics (such as the initial number of infected entities or the probability of infection for the spread of the epidemics) and incorporates mobility to the final model was produced, following the simple or compound contact between transmitters and target entities. This paper explores the human and mosquito factors that interact and contribute to the global spread and persistence of dengue in modern societies and the results obtained may yield new understanding of epidemic spreading and the corresponding
immunization strategies in dual communities.


Disease spreading, Diffusion Model, Epidemics, Dengue, Scientific Computing.

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