A Linear Integer Mathematical Model for Stowage Planning with Ship Stability

Anibal de Azevedo, Luiz Leduino de Salles Neto, Antônio Augusto Chaves, Antônio Carlos Moretti


The contribution of this paper is the formulation of a new mathematical formulation which brings a linear bi- objective function to reduce total number of container movements and also improve container ship stability issues. Since each movement costs at most, depending on port, US$200, then minimization of number of movements is related with economic aspects. In addition, concerns about typical ship stability measures, like metacentric height and angle list, has been considered in the proposed approach and help to prevent ship capsize. The results attests the validity of proposed model and shows the impact of each objective function in container ship arrangement through ports.


Integer Programming, Stowage Planning, Ship Stability.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5540/03.2017.005.01.0394


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