Image enhancement with mean brightness preservation based on multiscale top-hat transform

Julio César Mello Román, Horacio Legal-Ayala, José Luis Vázquez Noguera, Diego P. Pinto-Roa


Multiscale mathematical morphology is a technique used to improve the visual quality of images. These techniques generally introduce distortions in the process of im- provement that cause loss of brightness in the images. In this work a method of contrast improvement and brightness preservation is presented. The method is based on the mul- tiescale top-hat transform. In the top-hat transform two structuring elements of different areas are used, but of similar and flat structures. The evaluation of the proposed method was carried out using 200 images from a public database. The comparison of the proposal was made with other state of the art methods. Numerical and visual results show images with contrast enhancement, natural brightness and moderate distortions.


Multiscale mathematical morphology, multiescale top-hat transform, structur- ing elements, contrast enhancement, natural brightness

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