Optimal Multiobjective Pulse Vaccination Campaigns in Stochastic SIR Model

Kay Adam, Rodrigo T. N. Cardoso


This article describes the results obtained with a stochastic SIR (Susceptives- Infectives-Recovered) model with impulsive vaccination campaigns. It tries to give answers to the question of how vaccination campaigns should be implemented, regarding random influences and two main targets which conflict with each other: making the vaccination campaign as cheap and handy as possible and the total number of infected persons as small as possible or the probability of eradication as greater as possible. The target of the analysis is to compare if it is better to consider the probability of eradication before or in the multiobjective optimization procedure. Results show that pre-consider the probability of eradication will be similar to the post-considering regarding their costs and quantity of infected persons, despite being computationally harder.


Stochastic SIR, Vaccination campaigns, Multiobjective optimization.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5540/03.2020.007.01.0414


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