A numerical calcium transient pattern equation in medaka egg surface

Jorge C. Araújo, Anderson L. Jeske Bihain, Rosa M. García Márquez


We presented a numerical simulation based in the equation for diffusion with the chemical reaction with a simpler cubic kinetics to describe a simplifying transient concentration pattern of Ca2+ in the cortex upon fertilization in medaka egg fish. A uniform model with a fixed diffusion parameter and a slowly varying diffusion were compared. The concentration of Ca2+pattern in the cortex in Medaka egg pattern was highest in the animal pole and tapering off towards the vegetal pole in agreement with the gradient of the reactivity pattern along the egg and probably reflects the gradient in Ca2+ sequestering sites of the cortical endoplasmatic reticulum membranous. Our results of the numerical simulations seem to suggest (not a proof) that must there was a stronger resequestration capacity of free calcium more than the passive diffusing into the interior of the medaka egg fish particularly near the animal pole.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5540/03.2013.001.01.0036


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