A big data problem involving stick-slip oscillations in an electromechanical system

Roberta Lima, Rubens Sampaio


This work analyzes the stochastic response of an electromechanical system with stick­ slip oscillations. The system is composed of two subsystems that interact, a mechanical and an electromagnetic (a DC motor). The mechanical subsystem is subject to a dry frictional force mod­ eled as a Coulomb friction. An imposed source voltage in the DC motor stochastically excites the system. This excitation induces in the mechanical subsystem stochastic stick-slip oscillations. The resulting motion of the mechanical subsystem can be characterized by two qualitatively different and alternate modes, the stick- and slip-modes, with a non-smooth transition between them. Me­ chanical and electromagnetic parameters influence this stochastic sequence. The objective of this paper is to analyze the joint influence of these parameters in the statistical model of the system response. With Monte Carlo simulations, scatter plots and joint histograms are constructed for different combinations of parameter values.


Electromechanical systems, Stick-slip oscillations, Dry-friction, Uncertainties, Big data, Joint distributions

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5540/03.2021.008.01.0338


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