On Generalizations of the Initial and Terminal Value Theorems.


  • Lucas Antonio Caritá (IFSP), São José dos Campos.
  • Diego Miranda Gonçalves Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)




Initial and Terminal Value Theorems, Laplace Transform, Differential Equations.


The Initial and Terminal Value Theorems provide information about the limiting values of applications whose Laplace Transform is known. Such theorems, in addition to being relevant in their original form, are susceptible to generalizations that are also important. This article demonstrates the Initial and Terminal Value Theorems and their generalizations, studying these results for possible applications in Engineering and Physics. The novelty of this study is mainly in the  presentation of the results. Despite being a review article, it presents proofs of theorems that are uncommon to be found in the literature. Therefore, this work contributes in the form of a complementary material for the study of the Laplace Transform and its applications.


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Biografia do Autor

Lucas Antonio Caritá, (IFSP), São José dos Campos.

Grupo de Pesquisa em Matemática Científica e Computacional (GPMCC) 


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