Single-Level Differentiability for Interval-valued Functions


  • Ulcilea A. S. Leal
  • Gino Maqui
  • Geraldo N. Silva
  • Weldon Lodwick



Interval space, C-difference, Intervalar-valued function, SL-derivative


This study uses the theory of single-level difference for interval-valued functions to propose the concept of single-level differentiability, illustrate its calculations, and investigate how its single-level derivative (SL-derivative) relates to other mathematical derivatives.


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Biografia do Autor

Ulcilea A. S. Leal

UFTM Campus Universitário de Iturama, Iturama, MG

Gino Maqui

ICEN, Federal University of Pará, PA

Geraldo N. Silva

UNESP Department of Applied Mathematics, São José do rio Preto, SP

Weldon Lodwick

UCDenver Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistical Sciences, Denver, CO


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