Statistical analysis of data from Twitter and weather sensors


  • Vitor Y. Hossaki
  • Wilson Ceron
  • Rogério G. Negri
  • Leonardo B. L. Santos


VGI (Volunteered Geographic Information) systems allow their users to voluntarily share geo- referenced data via social networks. Due to the generation of momentary geoinformation in the occurrence of events, several studies have carried out analyzes on the behavior patterns of the social network Twitter in relation to different natural and anthropic events. [...]


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Biografia do Autor

Vitor Y. Hossaki

UNESP-ICT, São José dos Campos, SP

Wilson Ceron

UNIFESP, São José dos Campos, SP

Rogério G. Negri

UNESP-ICT, São José dos Campos, SP

Leonardo B. L. Santos

CEMADEN, São José dos Campos, SP


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