Discrete Logistic Growth Model with Capability to Go Backward in Time, Based on Successive Operations


  • M. Moesia
  • J. Karam Filho
  • G. A. Giraldi




Discrete Mathematics, Recursion, Successive Product, Successive Sum, Logistic Model.


his paper aims to tackle the classic discrete logistic model for population growth using the formalism of successive mathematical operations (see [1]-[2]). This approach allows obtaining a closed-form expression with the capability of retro-action for generations before the rst observed generation. Finally, to exemplify the advantages of this representation, it is used to compute the population size after and, outstandingly, before the reference, extending easily the usual discrete logistic growth model for all integer arguments.


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Biografia do Autor

M. Moesia

LNCC, Petrópolis, RJ

J. Karam Filho

LNCC, Petrópolis, RJ

G. A. Giraldi

LNCC, Petrópolis, RJ


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