Non singularity criteria for non strictly diagonally dominant pentadiagonal matrices


  • César Guilherme de Almeida
  • Santos Alberto E. Remigio



Crout's method, pentadiagonal matrices, non strictly diagonally dominant matrices


Square matrices, A, strictly diagonally dominant belong to an important class of in- vertible matrices that have an LU decomposition. We will present in this work new non singularity criteria based on Crout's method for non strictly diagonally dominant pentadiagonal (or tridiago-nal) matrices that admit an LU decomposition. These criteria are simple and easy to implement. There are many papers on this subject in the literature. However, the results that ensure non singularity of A usually depend on the conditions that are not promptly obtained.


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Biografia do Autor

César Guilherme de Almeida

FAMAT-UFU, Uberlândia, MG

Santos Alberto E. Remigio

FAMAT-UFU, Uberlândia, MG


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