Momentum Operators on Continuous Markov Evolution Algebras


  • Sandra M. Zapata Yepes
  • Cristian F. Coletti


In this work we introduce the notion of momentum operator on a family of evolution algebras indexed by a time-parameter t ≥ 0. Also, we study its spectra in the case of finte-dimensional evolution algebra. Thus, this work is naturally divided into two parts. In the first part we give the main definitions on (continuous-time) Markov evolution algebras and we present some basic results on these algebras. For more details on continuous evolution algebras see [6, 7]. In the second part, we introduce the notion of momentum operator on such structures. In [5] the author study these operator on finite graphs. Then we proceed to determine its spectra in the context of continuous-time Markov evolution algebras.


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Biografia do Autor

Sandra M. Zapata Yepes

CMCC-UFABC, Santo André, SP.

Cristian F. Coletti

CMCC-UFABC, Santo André, SP.


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