Finite elements for thixotropic elasto-viscoplastic flows

Sérgio Frey, Fernanda B. Link, Márleson R. S. Ferreira, Mônica F. Naccache, Paulo R. de Souza Mendes


This work aims at performing finite element approximations for entry flows of thixo- tropic elasto-viscoplastic fluids, using the structured fluid model introduced in de Souza Mendes (2011). The constitutive equation is based on a modification of the Oldroyd-B viscoelastic equa- tion, with variable viscosity and relaxation time. According to this model, both the relaxation time and the viscosity are functions of a scalar parameter – denoted herein by structure parame- ter – that deals with microscopic changes in the material microstructure. All results are obtained using a four-field GLS-type method, aiming at determining the accurate morphology and position of the unyielded regions in entry flows of elasto-viscoplastic fluids through an one-to-four sudden expansion.


Thixotropy, elasto-viscoplasticity, entry flow, multi-field GLS method.

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