Finite element simulations of viscoplastic flows in the presence of inertia and elastic effects

Fernanda B. Link, Sérgio Frey, Daniel D. dos Santos, Mônica F. Naccache, Paulo R. de Souza Mendes


In this article some computations of inertia flows of elasto-viscoplastic materials down a one-to-four sudden expansion-contraction are performed. The phenomenon is model by the mass usual mass and and momentum balance equations together with an Oldroyd-type viscoelastic equation, modified to accommodate a dependence of both relaxation and retardation time as the viscoplastic viscosity on the material structure level. Such a model is approximated via a three-field Galerkin least-squares method in terms of extra-stress, velocity and pressure fields. According to its design, the compatibility conditions between the extra-stress-velocity and pressure-velocity finite element sub-spaces are bypassed, allowing the method uses equal-order finite element interpolations – more details see [8] and [1]. In the computations, the relevant adimensional elastic and viscous parameters are ranged in order to evaluate their influence on the elasto-viscoplastic fluid dynamics.


Viscoplastic material, elasto-viscoplasticity, inertia flows, three-field GLS formula- tion.

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