An approach to interval fuzzy probabilities

Tiago C. Asmus, Benjamin Bedregal, Graçaliz P. P. Dimuro


Fuzzy sets an logic have been largely applied used to the treatment of the uncertainty, va- gueness and ambiguity found in the modeling of real problems. However, there may exist also the case when there is uncertainty related to the membership functions to be used in the modeling of fuzzy sets and fuzzy numbers, as there are many ways to define the shape of this kind of number. Thus, one can use, for example, the theory of interval fuzzy sets to address this uncertainty, considering different modeling of fuzzy numbers into a single interval fuzzy number. In this paper, we use interval fuzzy numbers to represent probabilities that are difficult to be estimated and where the modeling of fuzzy numbers is not trivial. To elaborate the calculation of probabilities, it will be introduced an approach based on one used by Buckley and Eslami, where the probabilities respect an arithmetic restriction. We discuss several properties of the proposed approach.


Interval Fuzzy Logic, Interval Fuzzy Sets, Interval Fuzzy Probablities

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