Combinatorial optimization, combined algorithms and problem positioning radio stations based wireless and mobile


  • Aldemir M. de Oliveira
  • Nelson Maculan



Combinatorial Optimization, Algorithm Combined, Mobile Phones and Cell Phones, Delaunay Triangulation, Coordinated Multipoint.


This article addresses the problem of positioning of base stations (BTS) in mobile telephony and specific points of a region (city) using the cell multipoint coordinated and Delaunay triangulation (CoMP-D) via genetic algorithm combined with Wolfpack. The goal is to meet or cover the largest amount of demand points using a minimum number of antennas. Are considered restrictions transmission range (target) and the presence of interfering obstacles (forest region). To try to solve this combinatorial optimization problem primarily use the Law of Sines to determine the most appropriate angle in terms of sectorization of omnidirectional antennas and confront the results via simulation using the software that deals with the Wolfpack location using geometry angles via triangulation. In a second stage of the research uses the Voronoi diagram and its dual, the Delaunay triangulation by applying the genetic algorithm to optimize the mobile network and mobile. To verify the good performance of the proposal we use the mobile phone network and the city of Manaus in northern Brazil and proves that the cell multipoint coordinated and Delaunay triangulation (CoMP-D) as a reliable approach treated the perspectives and leading to alternative interpretations and optimized solutions.


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