Aircraft control design with linear and non linear techniques: comparative aspects

Daniel Luis Cerignoni, Danilo Grima Galisteu, Giannino Ponchio Camillo, Ney Rafael Sêcco, Francisco Triveño Vargas, Pedro Paglione


In this paper is detailed a linear LQR control technique, when applied the specific weighting algorithm. This is done as a preamble to the implementation of gain schedule technique, already established in the industry. Latter, the nonlinear backstepping technique is presented; its characteristics and design methodology are highlighted, looking its industrial implementation. Finally comparative aspects between both techniques are discussed, this is done taking into account the same controlled variable, the same reference input and the same control surface (i.e. actuator). Aspects such as the ease of designing, real -time implementation, the structure migration for different aircraft projects, certification and others are considered. The paper contains innovations aspects related to design of nonlinear technique and the comparison with gain scheduling looking its industrial application.

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