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v. 7, n. 1 (2020): CNMAC 2019 Optimization Applied to Heat Loss Through Industrial Furnace Walls Resumo   PDF (English)
Sabrina Soares Dezem, Saymon Henrique Santos Santana, Lygia Maria Policarpio Ferreira
v. 7, n. 1 (2020): CNMAC 2019 Forced and Damped Motions: Analysis of vibrations Civil Engineering Structures Resumo   PDF (English)
Maykon Willian Soares de Souza, Saymon Henrique Santos Santana
v. 7, n. 1 (2020): CNMAC 2019 Forecasting Endogenous and Exogenous Time Series generated by P-model Algorithm using the Keras Machine Learning API Resumo   PDF (English)
Marilyn Minicucci Ibanez, Reinaldo R. Rosa, Lamartine N. F. Guimarães, Neelakshi Joshi
v. 7, n. 1 (2020): CNMAC 2019 Hilbert-Huang Transform evaluation for anomaly detection in web traffic Resumo   PDF (English)
Emilio Gerardo Sotto Riveros, Cristian Cappo, Christian Schaerer
v. 7, n. 1 (2020): CNMAC 2019 Lagrangian formulation applied in a non-linear variant of the Atwood Machine Resumo   PDF (English)
Gabriel de Almeida Souza, Gustavo Souza Vieira Dutra, Rafael Alves Figueiredo
v. 7, n. 1 (2020): CNMAC 2019 Use of surrogate models in tumor growth modeling Resumo   PDF (English)
João V. O. Silva, Regina C. Almeida, Renato S. Silva
v. 7, n. 1 (2020): CNMAC 2019 Less Conservative LMI-Based Conditions to Analyze the Solution of Switched TS Fuzzy Systems Resumo   PDF (English)
Flávio A. Faria, Michele C. Valentino, Vilma A. Oliveira, Luís F. C. Alberto
v. 7, n. 1 (2020): CNMAC 2019 The Cauchy Problem for the Generalized Fractional Second Order Semilinear Evolution Equation Resumo   PDF (English)
Félix Pedro Q. Gómez, Ruy Coimbra Charão
v. 7, n. 1 (2020): CNMAC 2019 Consecutive Chemical Reactions Models via P-Fuzzy Systems Resumo   PDF (English)
Daniel Eduardo Sánchez, VinÍcius Francisco Wasques, Estevão Esmi, Laécio Carvalho de Barros
v. 7, n. 1 (2020): CNMAC 2019 Duality Theory in Continuous-Time Linear Optimization Resumo   PDF (English)
Valeriano Antunes de Oliveira
v. 7, n. 1 (2020): CNMAC 2019 Image enhancement with mean brightness preservation based on multiscale top-hat transform Resumo   PDF (English)
Julio César Mello Román, Horacio Legal-Ayala, José Luis Vázquez Noguera, Diego P. Pinto-Roa
v. 7, n. 1 (2020): CNMAC 2019 A posteriori error estimates for enriched mixed formulations Resumo   PDF
Gustavo Alcalá Batistela, Denise de Siqueira, Phillipe R. B. Devloo
v. 7, n. 1 (2020): CNMAC 2019 Recent progress in the research of evolution algebras associated to graphs Resumo   PDF (English)
Paula Cadavid, Pablo M. Rodriguez
v. 7, n. 1 (2020): CNMAC 2019 Particle Swarm Optimization Method in Optimization of Grid Shell Structures Resumo   PDF (English)
Ali Mohades Khorasani, Marjan Goodarzi, Majid Forghani-elahabad
v. 7, n. 1 (2020): CNMAC 2019 On the three term recurrence relation and BDF methods Resumo   PDF (English)
Larissa Ferreira Marques, Vanessa Botta, Messias Meneguette
v. 7, n. 1 (2020): CNMAC 2019 A Red Blood Cell Cyto-Bilayer Interaction Model Resumo   PDF (English)
Luca Meacci, Gustavo Carlos Buscaglia, Roberto Federico Ausas, Fernando Mut
v. 7, n. 1 (2020): CNMAC 2019 Multiscale Finite Element Method Based on Local Preconditioning for Compressible Flows at Low Mach Numbers Resumo   PDF (English)
Sérgio Souza Bento, Leonardo Muniz de Lima, Isaac Pinheiro Santos, Lucia Catabriga
v. 8, n. 1 (2021): CNMAC 2021 A simple vectorization algorithm to address the d-MP problem without generating duplicate candidates Resumo   PDF (English)
Majid Forghani-elahabad, Emílio Francesquini, Wei-Chang Yeh
v. 8, n. 1 (2021): CNMAC 2021 Mathematical modeling of wildfire propagation in an agricultural land Resumo   PDF (English)
Hengameh R. Dehkordi
v. 8, n. 1 (2021): CNMAC 2021 Linear programming applied to separation detection in polytomous logistic regression Resumo   PDF (English)
Inácio Andruski Guimarães, Thiago Schinda Bubniak
v. 8, n. 1 (2021): CNMAC 2021 Bifurcating solutions in a constrained minimization problem of elasticity Resumo   PDF (English)
Adair R. Aguiar, Lucas A. Rocha
v. 8, n. 1 (2021): CNMAC 2021 A rigorous inexact Newton method with applications to boundary value problems Resumo   PDF (English)
Eduardo Ramos, Victor Hugo Nolasco, Marcio Gameiro
v. 8, n. 1 (2021): CNMAC 2021 On the Euler-Bernoulli anel Timoshenko-Ehrenfest beam theories under fractional calculus approach Resumo   PDF (English)
José Ivelton S. Lustosa, Flávio de Campos Bannwart, Edmundo Capelas de Oliveira
v. 8, n. 1 (2021): CNMAC 2021 Ergodicity of a 2-to-1 baker map Resumo   PDF (English)
Neemias S. Martins, Pouya Mehdipour
v. 8, n. 1 (2021): CNMAC 2021 Parametrization of electromechanical systems must acknowledge Newton and Maxwell Resumo   PDF (English)
Natasha Hirschfeldt, Roberta Lima, Rubens Sampaio
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